Professor Maria Rogacka-Rzewnicka

Consultant for Criminal Proceedings



Working experience:

since 2009 - Professor of Law, University of Warsaw, Department of Criminal Proceedings Law, Institute of Criminal Law, Faculty of Law and Administration,

2008-2009 - University of Warsaw, Faculty of Law and Administration, Postdoctoral degree in law,

since 2011 - Head of Department of International Criminal Proceedings Law, Faculty of Law and Administration, Warsaw University.

2002-2008 - Assistant Professor of Criminal Proceedings Law, Faculty of Law and Administration,

2003-2012 -Vice- director of the Institute of Criminal Law in the Law and Administration Faculty.



an author of approximately seventy publications on the criminal proceedings, international criminal law, French and comparative criminal law, including two monographs: “Cassation in polish criminal proceedings” and “Principles of opportunity and legality in crime prosecution in view of modern transformations of the criminal process”; coauthor of a monograph dedicated to the French law and others.



Participant in numerous scientific national and international conferences, also as national reporter (Australia, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Austria, Italy).


Additional information:

since 2002 - Member of the French Association Henri Capitant des Amis de la Culture Juridique Française and the others national associations,

since 2015 – Member of the International Academy of Comparative Law, 

since 2010 - Member of the Legislative Council of the Prime Minister,

03-04 2013 - Visiting Professor at the Poitiers University (France),

Expert in the parliamentary proceedings.