Dr hab. Jarosław Utrat-Milecki, Professor of University of Warsaw,  founder  and Director of the Division of Culturally Integrated Legal and Social Studies and European Centre for Penological Studies at IPSiR UW has been working since 1989 at the Institute of Social Prevention and Resocialization of University of Warsaw. He graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of University of Warsaw and he got there his doctorate and postdoctorate (Habilitation) diplomas in law, in the field of criminal law. He is the author of a few dozen of publications in Poland and abroad, author or editor of 8 books, mainly in the field of penal theory and penology.   His principal books are: Political aspects of crime , Warsaw, IPSiR UW 1997 (second ed. Warsaw, Warsaw University Press 2007); Principles of Penology. Theory of Punishment, Warsaw, Warsaw Univesity Press 2006; Punishment. Theory and Penal Culture: Culturally Integrated Perspective, Warsaw, Warsaw University Press 2010. During eight years he combined his academic career with work in justice system.



dr. Jarosław Utrat-Milecki

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