basic information on the Centre

The European Centre for Penological Studies

at the Division of Culturally Integrated Legal and Social Studies, IPSiR UW


    The proceeding of the establishment of the European Centre for Penological studies at the Division of Culturally Integrated Legal and Social Studies started at the Scientific Council of the Institute of Social Prevention and Resocialization of University of Warsaw on 21 November of 2007. 
    European Centre for Penological Studies inaugurated its activites with the international penological conference which took place at the University of Warsaw 12-13 January 2008. The initiative has been accomplished due to the support of Rector of University of Warsaw prof. Katarzyna Chałasińska-Macukow, vice Rector of University of Warsaw For Research and International Relations prof. Wojciech Tygielski and Vice Rector of University of Warsaw for Teaching and Personnel prof. Małgorzata Gersdorf, and the support of the whole Authorities of the University and of its Administration, especially of the Office of International Relations. The idea of that kind of researches has been supported by the Dean of the Faculty of Law and Administration prof. Tadeusz Tomaszewski, vice Deans of the Faculty of Law and Administration prof. Krzysztof Rączka and prof. Maria Zabłocka and the President of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Poland prof. Lech Gardocki. The Dean of the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Resocialization prof. Marcin Król and the new Director of the Institute of Social Prevention and Resocialization prof. Jerzy Kwaśniewski supported the initiative of bringing into being the European Centre for Penological Studies. The European Centre for Penological Studies was finally
founded following the resolution of the Council of the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Resocialization of 23 April 2008.
* * *
    The proceedings of the establishment of The Division of Culturally Integrated Legal and Social Studies started at the Scientific Council of the Institute of Social Prevention and Resocialization on 21 of November of 2007. The Division of Culturally Integrated Legal and Social Studies was finally founded following the enactment of resolution no. 43 of the Senate of the University of Warsaw on 17 December 2008. According to resolutions of Scientific Council of Institute of Social Prevention and Resocialization and the Council of the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Resocialization of University of Warsaw European Centre for Penological Studies is a part of that Division (Official Declaration of the Office of Rectorate of University of Warsaw nr 2 of 21 January of 2009).
    The Division has a transdisciplinary character. It conducts university courses and carries out researches on legal and social issues.The Division is a framework for the researches and courses of European Centre for Penological Studies on criminal law and penology (Leader prof. Jarosław Utrat-Milecki, Director of the Division). Moreover, The Division is responsible for the specialization of ‘Migrations and Cultural Integration’ (Director dr Jadwiga Królikowska) and the Postgraduate Programme ‘Supporting Culturally Diverse Individuals on the Job Market’ (Director dr Jadwiga Królikowska) and for the course of sociology of education (dr Jadwiga Królikowska). The Divisions’ research and university courses are conducted by specialists from various scientific fields, such as criminal law, penology, sociology, history, anthropology of law (dr Bogusława Filipowicz), social and cultural anthropology (dr Łukasz Ostrowski), while simultaneously developing research and educational programmes based on the fundamentals of culturally integrated studies. Culturally integrated studies are a unique method of carrying out legal and social transdisciplinary studies, worked out by the members of the interdisciplinary scientific body at IPSiR.
    Student’s Applied Drama Research Group (Tutor dr Jadwiga Królikowska) and Student’s Group of Culturally Integrated Research on Migration (Tutor dr Łukasz Ostrowski) are affiliated to the Division.