Founding Seminar


Jadwiga Królikowska  



Founding Seminar:


“A speak out in the European debate


in the matter of conditions of development


of modern multicultural societies.


Social, cultural and political criminal determinants of punitiveness”.






Full text of this feport was first published in Polish in “Prace IPSiR UW”, vol. 13, 2008, Social Prevention and Rehabilitation (ed. Jerzy Kwaśniewski)



This International Seminar concerned mainly the issues of penality and punishment, which are differently defined in different circumstances and different cultures. Perspectives on punishment have been presented by representatives of different disciplines: legal sciences, anthropology, education, perfomance studies, psychology, oriental studies and sociology.


The presentation of different perspectives on analyses of punishment showed complexity of the phenomenon of punishment and emphasized the importance of scientific, systematic culturally integrated studies in that respect. It revealed also the necessity of keeping interdisciplinary consultations concerning researches on axiological and social meaning of punishment. The Seminar inaugurated the activities of the European Center of Penological Studies established at Warsaw University in the framework of Institute of Social Prevention and Rehabilitation.



 seminar session