Abstract 25:111-138

Czarnecka, Anna (2015) Redefinition of the Social Function of Prevention. „Profilaktyka Społeczna i Resocjalizacja” 25: 111-138.



Concern is the fundamental mechanism of prevention, and profitability is its main motivation. We are taught to take responsibility for ourselves and for others. However, we have noticed that preventive measures have become tools of social control of a new type. Thanks to Michel Foucault’s reconstruction theory we are able to understand that the technologies of power undergo constant evolution. It has been observed that democracy of today makes use of a new type of social control, i.e. prevention, understood as a new method of the exercise of power. As a matter of fact, modern democracy functions as a prevention facility, a program of social harness, as a type of programming social control. Such redefinition of prevention may be of use in research on political systems.




prevention, social control, programming social control, technology of power, democracy