Abstract 25:139-159

Bałdyga, Agnieszka (2015) Institution of Hisbah in Northern Nigeria. „Profilaktyka Społeczna i Resocjalizacja” 25: 139-159.



The article discusses the phenomenon of hisbahs established in Northern Nigeria after the introduction of Sharia criminal law, in 2000. The main role of hisbah is to ensure the compliance with Sharia law among Muslims, and to report any breaches of law. Hisbah members’ aim is to enforce new rules of behaviour, e.g. a new dress code for women or alcohol prohibition. Moreover, they strive to impose sex segregation in public transport. Hisbah’s operations have sparked major controversies, with a number of abuse cases being reported. Instead of surrendering suspects to the police forces, Hisbah members ordered their punishment by caning. They also forced women to take vehicles with men drivers. The article presents the institution of hisbah as an important element of social prevention and rehabilitation in the cultural context of today’s Nigeria.



hisbah, Northern Nigeria, Sharia, law, Islam